This course is designed to assist both models and photographers. Photographers MUST know the basics of modeling and a few basics stances. More importantly, they must be able to communicate their vision to their subjects.

Nothing is more annoying to a model when they hear, "ok, be sexy!" Not only is it vague and general it can also give off the "creep" factor that has been known to exist in the industry. Make your models comfortable and they will give you the best poses!

There are many different factors that can make a subject look less flattering in a photo. Take this course to learn ways to catch flattering images of your subject or learn how to manipulate your body to give the best angle to the photographer; show your best side!

COurse 2



Some of the most beautiful women I've worked with have no idea what to do in front of the camera. I know, it's ironic but it's true.

More men have exuded confidence in front of the lens than women. The most common go-to pose is the "hand-on-hip" pose paired with the forced smile and head tilt.

Have you tried modeling before? It's awkward and uncomfortable.


MARCH 4, 2017