COurse 3

Take Better Photos


You understand your camera better. You understand your subject better. Now what?

Learn the basic rules of composition and learn how to break them. Learn how to use story-telling in your pictures without saying a word.

What is a "good" photo? What is a "bad" photo? How do we improve?

Your photos may not always include people. Landscape, art and street photography also have rules that must be learned and broken. Practice these concepts at this workshop.

Do you know why most people take pictures of flowers? 
It's because they're beautiful... and they stay still.
We will talk about how to improve taking photos of stationary objects (like flowers) and moving subjects (sports, cars, event photography).

When a chef wants to make a better meal he/she doesn't get a better knife, he/she learns practice different techniques with the same knife. Enhance your skills today!

MARCH 4, 2017