MARCH 4, 2017



Photography on a Budget

​The same principle is true in photography. It is very easy to spend literally thousands of dollars on equipment (some costing as much as an actual Ferrari) but it's not necessary.

When you learn the extract the full potential of your camera and understand the basic principles of lighting and composition, your photos will be better. Accessories are unlimited and it is very easy for the newbie photographer to run out and buy everything that is compatible with their camera; allow us to help you choose.

This course is designed to create an understanding of the relationship your camera has with light. 



A Honda Accord can go as fast as 120 mph (maybe even faster).

Although it may not be the best idea to try out on a local highway my point is simple; you don't need a Ferrari to do the same thing.

It will take you longer to accelerate but the outcome will be the same.

10:00WelcomeDoors Open and Open Shoot

10:30Introduction"Understand your Camera."

11:00Course 1"Photography on a Budget"

12:00* Open Shoot + Lunch *Open Shoot (Course 1 & 2 Participants)

1:00Course 2Modeling / Posing

2:00* Open Shoot *Open Shoot (Course 2 & 3 Participants)

2:30Course 3Boudoir Photography

3:30* Open Shoot + Cocktails *Open Shoot (Course 3 & 4 Participants)

4:00Course 4DSLR Videography

5:00Course 5Hobby to Profession

*Courses are 45 minutes each with 15 minutes at the end for Q & A and transition.